Our Ongoing Bookshelf Obsession is Validated!

 We recently came across this recent design article  in the NYT.


" On TikTok and other digital platforms, there has lately been much ado about people who own a great number of books and — this is critical — have managed to stage them in a pleasing manner.

If you’ve ever seen a Nancy Meyers movie, the look might ring a bell. Warm and welcoming. Polished, but not stuffy. A bronze lamp here. A vintage vase there (with fresh-cut flowers, of course). Perhaps there is a cozy seating area near the floor-to-ceiling display, with an overstuffed couch topped with tasteful throw pillows. "


It really caught our eye because we've been obsessed with bookshelves at Hammertown for years!!


CHECK OUT this blog Dana wrote back in March of 2018 entitled "Bookshelves: An Ongoing Love Story".




Go back even further to 2017 and 2015 - featuring more photos from Dana's and Joan's home.



During the pandemic when television reporters and their guests  broadcasting from their homes -- usually sitting in front of their personal libraries (a close second was kitchens!) I was personally fascinated to see what these people were reading, or had read, or were pretending to have read :)















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