It's Not Easy Bein' Green...

BUT these favorite manufacturers think it's worth the extra effort to make the world a better, healthier place for ALL OF US.


LEE INDUSTRIES has been ahead of the curve in sustainable manufacturing of furniture.


Since 1969, LEE has been committed to manufacturing earth friendly products, using sustainable processes by people who care about the environment. In the early 1980's, LEE chose to use products that eliminated chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's) in foam cushions before it was mandated. Around the same time, LEE initiated waste reduction and recycling programs in all parts of the manufacturing process. It was taking these small, simple steps that laid the groundwork for future eco-friendly manufacturing.


As new technology has progressed and as new products are made available, LEE has made the effort to incorporate them into the manufacturing process. In 2006, LEE introduced naturalLEE, an option in upholstery that features soy-based cushions, fibers made from recycled plastic, organic fabrics for upholstery, and springs made from 80% recycled metal. With the success of the program and with LEE's commitment to the environment, the benefits and components of naturalLEE have been made standard on all LEE products.

 Even with a global supply network, 98% of the components in Lee products are supplied domestically, and most suppliers are in their home state of North Carolina. This includes the frames, foam, springs, cotton ticking, decking, fabrics, and packaging. Local suppliers mean local employment and reduced transportation costs and CO2 emissions.


 Not only does Lee have high manufacturing standards...their design standards are head and shoulders above most other national brands.


This gorgeous Miranda Chair from Lee is a stunner!


HAMMERTOWN couldn't be prouder to be one of Lee's longest and most loyal retailers.


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"Cisco Home handcrafts more than just furniture. We pioneer sustainable ecosystems within our community. Whether it’s repurposing discarded materials into durable pieces, donating our spaces to local nonprofits, or teaching employable skills to those in underserved neighborhoods, Cisco Home is at the forefront and redefining what sustainability is all about.

As founding partners of the Sustainable Furniture Council (SFC), we are obligated to start with sustainability in mind. We only use FSC® Certified Wood and make sure all of our organic materials have the proper documentation, were fairly traded, or repurposed. Sustainability isn’t just a value, it’s a lifestyle."


We'll let the beloved founder of Cisco Home, the late Cisco Pinedo, tell his story of sustainable manufacturing!



 John Derian for Cisco Home


John Derian’s design sensibility, deep-rooted in the silhouettes of the past and yet perfectly suited to the present, coupled with Cisco’s known commitment to sustainability to create a line of eco-friendly 19th century-inspired upholstery.


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Younger + Co is one of our newest vendors. There are many reasons we were attracted to this brand. One of which is that it's a family-owned business and is now headed up by an amazing young woman.

After 30 years of watching her father invest his life into Younger Furniture, Meredith Younger Spell (now 40) had the opportunity to carry her father's legacy forward and she took it on with great success.



Here are some of the other things we love about Younger + Co.

  • Made responsibly and entirely in the U.S.A. from locally sourced materials - Everything that goes into Younger + Co's hand-built furniture is sourced within 85 miles of our factory.

  • All wood used to build frames comes from forests certified by the sustainable forest initiative

  • All foam is certified CertiPUR - made without formaldehyde or ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons



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