Before & After: Playroom Edition

by Dana Simpson
from our archives
May 2020


I recently decided to try and revamp my kid’s playroom and make it to more of a family room. They still use the space for TV and video games occasionally but it was clearly time to move on from the giant Franco Sectional that had received years of love.


before updated storage


We needed comfort (and better storage) for sure but not in the same way as we had in the past.


Enter the Ethan Sofa and Fallon Console


By replacing my sectional with two Ethan Armless Sofas and closing in the storage, with a new Fallon Console, [no longer available at Hammertown...see other consoles here] the room was instantly revived. All the accessories remain the same (rug, pillows, wall art and lighting) but the vibe of the space is much more adult.



I now call it my “knitting room” (wishful thinking) but truthfully, I think it will forever be the "playroom" to us. And, although the room (just like my children) has grown and matured, I will always remember vividly those tiny girls jumping and singing on that big sofa.


after corner image


Truthfully, the change was huge for the whole family. In the past weeks the room has become my daughter’s school and gym for YouTube workouts as well as my husband's afternoon nap location. We watch TV here sometimes which we never did before and I use the space for weekly yoga classes (thanks Barrie Prinze!!).


I also have been seen knitting here many times and love the afternoon light the room gets…something I had never noticed before. Quite simply, I am full of gratitude. Thank you Ethan sofas for helping make my life in Quarantine a better one!

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