Beer Can Chicken (from Food52)

It's almost Memorial Day and I was going to share our Beer Can Chicken recipe from our archives. However, it turns out we hadn't shared it before so here it is! sounds kind of trashy but the likes of Bon Appetit and the New York Times have published their versions and give it rave reviews!


This recipe from Food52 by Cara Nicoletti is the first one I ever tried back in 2015 and I've used it ever since.


I couldn't believe how juicy and flavorful this chicken was and wondered why anyone would make a whole chicken any other way during grilling season :)


I also couldn't believe my first result looked pretty much just like the recipe photo.  It was gorgeous! How often does that happen?


my first beer can chicken resting after removing it from the grill


PLEASE NOTE: Get a 4lb to 5lb chicken. To clear the closed lid of your grill, anything larger might be too "tall" once standing vertically. I would also suggest buying one of these beer chicken "stands" to keep the can of beer...thus the vertical chicken...more stable while grilling.

You can find this one on Amazon but other versions work just as well.

I wouldn't change a thing in this recipe so just CLICK HERE to access it on FOOD52!  I promise, if you've never made beer can chicken before, you'll be impressed!

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