A Fabulous Furman "Farrow & Ball Makeover"

first published March 2019


Wanda Furman, one of Hammertown's professional stylists & consultants, was called by a client to do a color consultation.  The client was ready to do the entire house. Their paint of choice -- Farrow & Ball.  (click here to read my recent post about the new design book, Recipes for Decorating from Farrow & Ball)

Walking through the house Wanda decided she wanted a more cohesive update in look and feel. Something richer in tone and feeling and colors to a create a mood.

So let's analyze the photos we are sharing with you from this job.



Master Bedroom BEFORE


The bedroom needed warmth and Wanda wanted to paint the ceiling in the same color to envelope the room.  She looked at what was in the room to give direction of color choices. The vintage blanket and the dusty pink coverlet was the inspiration for the color. There always has to be something to push in a direction of a paint color that is a significant part of the room decor. She chose Farrow & Ball's Smoked Trout.  Wanda felt the paint color was transformational...it transformed the room into a cozy sanctuary.


Master Bedroom - AFTER



Side Entry - BEFORE


Wanda likes entryways to have a warm approach. The existing color was an off white but she wanted to create a warmer atmosphere...you are entering into a home and you want to feel something special as soon as you enter.  She chose F&B's Mouse's Back and did both the walls and the ceiling in this color.


Side Entry - AFTER


From this cozy entrance you go to the hallway, which opens up into lighter tones.  She chose Skimming Stone for the hallways.


Entrance Hallway - AFTER



 Living Room - BEFORE


The before of this room reflects a rather neutral, uninspiring atmosphere...just ordinary.  Wanda chose London Stone for the walls, trim and doors because, again, she wanted to bring some warmth and depth of color to the room.  By doing the walls, the trim and doors all the same color, it brings the room together and is very unifying.


 Living Room - AFTER


Close-up of a wall off the Living Room going upstairs.  Outside wall is London Stone and inside wall with the light fixture is Skimming Stone.  All the walls in the hallways are Skimming Stone



Library - BEFORE


Before it was a very traditional library.  Wanda again wanted to lighten it up and give a more fresh and contemporary look. Color chosen is F&B's Joa's White -- walls, woodwork, shelving, everything and trim.  A cautionary note:  Wanda says clients have to be willing to make changes and these clients understood the importance of a Farrow & Ball and the nuance and the depth of pigments that are used in their paints.


 Library - AFTER



 Dining Room - BEFORE


The clients wanted to paint the floor.  It started with the floor and we chose Pigeon.  Gives a modern country twist to the older home.


Dining Room - AFTER


The dining room is off the kitchen.  The doors, railings, window trim, and wall color in the dining area and into the kitchen is Skimming Stone (below).




 Kitchen - BEFORE


The kitchen area opens up to the dining area.  We had to connect the colors so for the kitchen cabinets and walls Wanda chose Dropcloth.  It was subtle enough to work with the floor and transitioned quietly into the dining room.


Kitchen - AFTER



Consults start @ $300 and up depending on the scope of your project. Just email me at: Joan@hammmertown.com


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  • Lauren Czirr

    Beautiful!! Curious what finish(es) from F&B you used, particularly in the Side Entry?

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