Approachable Design Services

by Hammertown Barn
Approachable Design Services

Hammertown’s Approachable Design Services

Getting design help can feel intimidating! It’s hard to know where to start and easy for your mind to spiral to a place that has you screaming, “everything needs to change!”. Take a deep breath and let us soothe you with our easy peasy lemon squeezy Approachable Design Services.

• We have been in business for more than 30 years

• Joan, the owner and master buyer/curator/heart of the company has published two books with Rizzoli

• Featured in Vogue Magazine, House Beautiful, Vanity Fair, This Old House, and...

• Voted Best Design Store in the Hudson Valley by Hudson Valley Magazine.

For starts, come into one of our stores.

There you will find inspiration, as Hammertown’s “Modern Country” décor philosophy covers taste far and wide. Come visit, get inspired, and we’ll help meet your needs.

Need a little more than an in-store conversation?

If you’re within 25 minutes we can come to your house for a two-hour consultation for a fee of $400 ($150/hr if you need additional time during this initial visit). We will match you to one of the design specialists we work with and they will get to the nitty gritty of what you and your home needs. They can help you with:

• Furniture Arrangement: Proper furniture arrangement can completely change the feel and the function of a room. If you want the old to feel new again or want to know where and how to incorporate new pieces, this can be a huge help.

• Picking New Pieces: Do you need a new sofa, or new lighting, or something but you aren’t quite sure what? We can offer guidance and brainstorming power to try and find the right pieces for you and your space. Whether it be a furniture piece or rugs we have in-stock at our store/warehouse, or something we could custom order from one of our vendors, or something we need to research and find for you--we have your back.

• Color Palette Consultation:
We can help guide you to a color that will be the perfect canvas from which to build. Farrow and Ball Paints from England are our favorites, and we sell the sample pots in-store so you can test drive them before ordering. Full of rich pigment and a wide-range of colors, they are the perfect anchor for a room.

• Accessorizing:
Rooms need to have accessories and special finishing touches to make them feel complete. We can offer suggestions and options which will help you create something personal and comfortable, really pulling the room together.

To Get the Ball Rolling

Step one is reaching out to Joan, our business leader and mastermind, or the manager of the store that is closest to your home. Please include where you are located, when you are available, what your general style is, and what services you are looking for and email

click the photo above to read House Beautiful article

If none of the above covers what you need, maybe you need some serious help. Ah! Don’t worry. We can help set you up with some full-on design services with a designer, spanning beyond a two-hour block.

Complete Design Services

If you are looking to do a whole house, a few major rooms, a kitchen and more then you want to take advantage of our more comprehensive design services.

We’ve been featured in House Beautiful, This Old House and Country Living Magazine with our extensive projects. Contact

Do you need a house staged?
Hammertown does this on a case-to-case basis, only when we feel that the magic is there and we can deliver… Big Time. We are selective about our jobs due to our small company & unique Hammertown Vision, but the success rates of jobs we have said yes to have made our clients' hearts sing. Staging a house for your real estate listing and home tours absolutely make a difference.

Let us help you put your best foot forward and give your house the ability to show its true potential. If you have further inquiries about having your house or space staged please contact Joan at


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